14.00-16.45 Brain Storming Session Chairmen: Miro Jakovljević, Zagreb & Izet Pajević, Tuzla
14.00-14.05 The Session Opening
14.05-14.10 Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Creative, Person-Centered and Narrative Psychopharmacotherapy (CP-CNP) – From Theory to Clinical Practice
14.10-14.15 Izet Pajević (Tuzla) The School of Creative, Person-Centered and Narrative Psychopharmacotherapy: Our Experience in Psychiatric Clinic, University of Tuzla
14.15-14.20 Aron Mulahalilović, Mevludin Hasanović M, Izet Pajević (Tuzla) & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Psychopharmacotherapy and the Sense of Meaning in Life
14.20-14.25 Zihnet Selimbašić & Mevludin Hasanović (Tuzla) Resilience Between Salutogenesis and Pathogenesis in Creative Personalized Psychopharmacotherapy
14.25-14.30 Emir Prljača, Izet Pajević, Mevludin Hasanović (Tuzla) & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Mentalization and change of perception in the Context of Creative, Person-Centered Psychopharmacotherapy
14.30-14.35 Elvir Bećirović (Tuzla) The Preformative, Parformative and Narrative in Creative Person Centered Psychopharmacotherapy
14.35-15.40 Jasmin Hamidović, Mevludin Hasanović, Izet Pajević, Lejla Dostović Hamidović (Tuzla) & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Emotional Contamination in the Context of Creative, Person-Centered psychopharmacotherapy
14.40-14.45 Nadina Avdić Jahić, Mevludin Hasanović, Izet Pajević & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) The Significance of Understanding Body Language in Depressed Patients within the Context of Creative, Person-Centered Psychopharmacotherapy
14.45-14.50 Nada Hančević Horvat, Mirta Freisman Čobanov (Zagreb), Zoran Milivojević (Beograd) & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Psychopharmacotherapy and the Hero’s Journey: Mental Health Medicines and Script Change
14.50-14.55 Mevludin Hasanović (Tuzla) “A Beautiful Word Like a Beautiful Tree ..." From the Perspective of Creative Psychopharmacotherapy”
14.55-15.00 Ann-Marie Jelena Golden (Liverpool), Nada Hančević Horvat & Miro Jakovljević Acceptance and Change as Dialectic of Recovery: Examples of Storytelling, Fairy Tale and Psychopharmacotherapy as Therapeutic Modalities
15.00-15.05 Alija Sutović (Tuzla) Treatment in Psychiatry in a New Classification Attire in the Shadow of Silence and Unprocessed Traumas from the Past- The Imperative of Perfectionism in the Present and Shame and Discomfort in the Future
15.05-15.10 Dina Šmigalović, Mevludin Hasanović. Izet Pajević, Aron Mulahalilović (Tuzla), Asim Kurjak & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Creative, Person-Centered Psychopharmacotherapy in the Context of Prenatal Psychiatry – Dilemmas and Challenges
15.10.-15.15 Esmina Avdibegović, Maja Brkić & Mevludin Hasanović (Tuzla) Integrating the concept of creative, person-centered psychopharmacotherapy and group psychotherapy in clinical practice
15.15-15.20 Andrea Zemba Čilić (Zagreb) Epigenetics of Drug Treatment in Psychiatry
15.20-15.25 Dino Hodžić, Mevludin Hasanović, Izet Pajević & Muhammed Hasanović (Tuzla) Acceptance of Diagnosis in Psychiatry and Influence On Treatment in the Light of Creative Psychopharmacotherapy
15.25-15.30 Nermina Kravić, Martina Krešić Ćorić, Marija Burgić Radmanović, Nermina Ćurčić Hadžagić, Mira Spremo, Zihnet Selimbašić, Izet Pajević, Vesna Horvat, Sabina Kučukalić, Mevludin Hasanović (Tuzla) Creative Psychopharmacotherapy in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Experiences from Bosnia and Herzegovina
15.30-15.35 Mevludin Hasanović, Abdurahman Kuldija, Muhamed Hasanović, Izet Pajević (Tuzla) & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Gambling Disorder as an Addictive Disorder and Creative Psychopharmacotherapy
15.35-15.40 Anel Brigić, Mevludin Hasanović, Izet Pajević, Nerminka Aljukić, Jasmin Hamidović & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Principles of Hippocratic Medicine from the Perspective of Modern Medicine
15.40-15.45 Ahmed Pajević, Izet Pajević, Miro Jakovljević, Mevludin Hasanović, Nermina Kravić & Nera Žigić (Tuzla) Ibn Sina (Avicenna) As a Psychiatrist: a View From Today's Perspective
15.45-15.50 Ahmed Pajević, Izet Pajević, Edin Dedić, Mevludin Hasanović (Tuzla) A Treatse of the Islamic Philosopher Ibn Sina (Avicena) on the Fear of Death and the Treatment of Anxiety Caused by It
15.50-15.55 Helena Dukić & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Guided Imagery and Music in the Context of Trans-Integrative Approach in Psychiatry
15.55-16.00 Helena Dukić, Asim Kurjak & Miro Jakovljević (Zagreb) Resilience and Pregnancy: Music as an Agent in Dopamine, Oxytocin and Growth Hormone Production
16.00-16.15 Felix Tretter (Vienna) The Quest for Systems Theory: Bridging Practical Psychopharmacology and Computational Bio-Psychiatry – The Example of Alcohol Withdrawal
16.15-16.45 Discussion and Concluding Remarks